"...Life is not measured by the number of breathes you take, but by the moments that take your breath away..."

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Your wedding day is one of the memorable events in your journey through life and it is an occasion celebrated by all ages.

At Almond-Blossoms wedding company, we help plan and design a uniquely and exquisitely day bearing in mind the uniqueness of every bride in taste and preference.

We aim to provide a service that is tailor-made to your preference by offering a relaxed atmosphere, peace of mind and memories to be cherished by you and your guests.

About Us

Almond-Blossoms are a professional and friendly wedding and event planner. We are passionate about what we do and aim to offer quality services to our clients that assist in turning your dream event into a reality making it a stress free day filled with memories to cherish.

We specialize solely on organizing, planning, coordinating and designing flawless events and approach your day with sheer sophistication by offering personalized services paying attention to detail.

Hi, I'm Judith

Professional and friendly wedding & event planner

We appreciate the fact that no two weddings are the same and that not everyone is in need of full wedding design and planning services.

We therefore delight in encouraging you to choose services and products that best meet your needs and preferences.