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Hello & Welcome Creating Memories to Cherish

Your wedding day is one of the memorable events in your journey through life and it is an occasion celebrated by all. From the very first meeting, we will help you have a clear vision of your event as we work towards your desired outcome. Every wedding and event is unique so we will work together to create a memorable experience.

We believe that every event has a love story that needs to be celebrated. We offer professional quality tailor-made services for each couple making your journey to your event stress free and filled with memories to cherish.

At Almond-Blossoms wedding events we assist in planning for your wedding and design a uniquely and exquisite day. We understand that planning can be time consuming so we are passionate about what we do by taking pressure off you as we aim to create a memorable occasions.

"...Your Dream; Our Passion..."

Planning any event is a thrilling experience so we work together to create a budget that will work for each couple managing all logistics as we work alongside your suppliers and venue of choice. We aim at providing you with a service that is tailor made to your preference by offering a relaxed experience as we plan and giving you a peace of mind while creating  memories for you and your guests.

About Us

Almond-Blossoms are a professional and friendly wedding and event planner. We are passionate about what we do and aim to offer quality services to our clients that assist in turning your dream event into a reality making it a stress free day filled with memories to cherish.

We specialize solely on organizing, planning, coordinating and designing flawless events and approach your day with sheer sophistication by offering personalized services paying attention to detail.


Professional and friendly wedding & event planner

We appreciate the fact that no two weddings are the same and that not everyone is in need of full wedding design and planning services.

We therefore delight in encouraging you to choose services and products that best meet your needs and preferences.