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Congratulations You’re Engaged

Photo Credit: Alyssa Hurley

“…I have found the one whom my soul loves…”


Go out and celebrate, announce to you loves ones, show off your ring,enjoy the moment and let your dream become a reality. Your wedding journey as a newly engaged couple.

Get Inspired

You have been dreaming about this day for a long time. Now, it is time to gather inspiration clear your diary and start working round your wedding. Invest your time in research, speak to other brides and hear what they have to say about planning a wedding.

Allow time to read wedding blogs getting tips from wedding articles by top suppliers. Make use of social platforms such as pinterest it is a good place for your visual mood boards and trends, visit wedding fairs and see what the wedding suppliers have to offer. Instagram is a good platform for real weddings and styled photo shoots.

Get started

Pick a date and create a timeline that will assist you along the wedding planning preparations.

Determine your budget. Not the most exciting subject however your wedding revolves around it. Take time to establish what is important making clear goals on what is realistic for both of you saving you lots of hustle and having unmet expectations. Discuss how mush you are willing to invest; will you be self funding or will family members and friends contribute. Once you come into an agreement then you can proceed onto the next part of your wedding planning.

Draft your wedding list

Putting together a list for your wedding earlier on in the planning is essential. It helps to visualize what your expectations look like. Drafting a guest list helps with the number of people to invite bearing in mind your agreed budget. Having budget list will allow you to have an estimate and actual cost of things thus decreasing or increasing according to your budget. Set priorities on what is important.

If you require assistance with your wedding planning, please do get in touch. I plan weddings and events in Essex, London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Happy planning.